How to Rehome a Pet

CavyRescue is unable to take in any animals for the foreseeable future. However, there are a number of ways you can find loving homes for your animals and other rescues that you can contact:

Rehoming Guide

Firstly, please read our Guide here:

This will give you idea on how to rehome your pet yourself which can be less stressful for a furry than going in to a Rescue and waiting for a new home.

It also provides tips on other ways to try and find somewhere safe for your pet.

Other Rescues

Find a rescue nearer to you by visiting

Also, please use the Rescue Finder on the Home Page. This brings up a few results for other rescues. While they do not all take small furries, if you give them a call, they may know of someone (that is how it tends to work)

Often doing a search within Google can lead you to other Rescues too.


Your local vets. They may know of a small animal rescue near to you and may also be able to offer further help and advice.


You can place advertisements on these sites, subject to which type of animal you have:


.. be patient. Finding the right home for an animal can take a long time. Also, many Rescues have very long waiting lists. Often people expect Rescues to have empty cages sitting there waiting to be filled but this is sadly not the case.

If you are thinking of moving abroad, then you need to think first about taking your animal with you or finding somewhere else for him or her, even before you make your moving arrangements.

If you live in rented accommodation, be aware that not all landlords accept tenants with small furries. If you are thinking about changing where you live and you are a renter, do not get an animal.

Similarly, if you are still at school and thinking about going to away to university or college in the next few years, do not get a pet. You will not be able to take it with you.