How vitamins can help control respiratory disease in rats

Respiratory disease is sadly very common in rats and can be fatal. Rats can live with the disease – normally controlled with aggressive medication as discussed in our Guide to Respiratory disease .

However, the use of vitamins can also be beneficial when controlling respiratory disease. Our vet has seen lots of research that says that this particular combination of vitamins A, C and E can help ratties with this horrible disease.

So, without getting too technical here and in layman’s terms, vitamins A, C and E can help repair damage to the respiratory system and if your rat has respiratory problems, then it would be worth investing in a pot of these vitamins.

Rather than use human versions of these vitamins, you should get one specifically for mammals. There is an excellent product called ACE High which we use for all our rats who have respiratory problems or who are generally unwell. You sprinkle a tiny bit of the product over wet food (such as cucumber or in a bit of porridge) once a day (or we mix it with baby food – a firm favourite at the rescue!). The rats certainly enjoy it!

Of course, you must continue to use any medications that your vet has given you to help control/treat respiratory problems in your rats, and the ACE High is an ideal complementary treatment.

You can ring and order ACE High from Vet-Ark on 01962-844316 (make sure you ask for the ACE High for rodents that comes with a green label on it) or order it online from one of the pet prescription websites. As it has a shelf life of six months once opened, unless you have a huge amount of rats, you may want to opt for the 50g size.