Pet dog insurance vets bills and more

If you ask some dog owners why they have pet dog insurance, the most common response may be ‘to provide financial cover’ in the event that the dog falls ill or is in an accident and needs medical treatment.

Vets fees can be extremely expensive and if your pet has to have surgery for example or needs ongoing treatment, then looking at costs, which could run into three or four figures, may cause financial worry.

So, even though it may not provide cover for things such as regular vaccinations, neutering and the like, pet dog insurance may provide an invaluable financial support.

While vets fees may obviously be an important consideration for your pet insurance, they are really only a part of the whole story.

There are quite a few other ways where having pet cover may help you avoid significant expenditure or loss.

To consider just a few situations:

  • with just a couple of days to go before your holiday, you pet is taken ill and needs emergency and life-saving treatment. In this situation, in addition to the cost of the treatment, you may also be facing the prospect of cancelling your holiday at short notice;
  • your pet dog disappears, so you advertise and offer a reward for its safe recovery;
  • you or a close family member, have to go into hospital and there is no one around to care for your pet;
  • your dog causes injury to a third party or damage to their property.

You may find that there is pet insurance that can provide financial assistance in any of the above situations (and others).

Cheapest pet insurance

If you have more that one pet, you may understandably be on the lookout for the cheapest pet insurance.

You may find that the price may be linked to the level of cover offered, so while one policy may be cheaper than another it may not offer the cover that you are looking for to provide complete peace of mind (in other words, what is cheap pet insurance for one person may not be for another).

However, if you opt for cover where you receive a discount for insuring your other pets as well, you may find that this might reduce your pet dog insurance premium costs.