Top tips on keeping your pets warm this winter

Winter has suddenly arrived with a cold shock. Make sure your outdoor rabbits and guineas are kept warm and cosy with these following tips:

  • Make sure the hutch is in a sheltered position (eg against a fence or wall) and protected as much as possible from the wind
  • Use PLENTY of hay to keep them cosy and warm
  • Pin bubble wrap or a thin sheet of plastic across the wire bit of the cage (leaving a space for the water bottle). It’s a cheap way to offer extra insulation and give them their own double glazing
  • Cover hutches up at nightime with blankets/tarpaulin even old carpet
  • Check water bottles haven’t frozen up
  • Once a week, add to guinea pig water bottles a quarter of a soluble Vitamin C tablet – this will help keep their immunity up
  • If you have a shed, or a garage you DO NOT use (as exposure to fumes can kill), consider setting you hutch up in there until Spring. It’ll be warmer for your pet and warmer for you when you feed and clean them out!

“My bunnies are moved into a small shed during the winter ( ie a childs playhouse type shed) – this itself isn’t enough to keep them warm enough during the harshest of weathers – so I installed a greenhouse heater 18 mths ago This doesn’t actually produce a large amount of heat to over heat them but its enough to stop their water from freezing a make life more comfortable for them”
From Jackie Gargan

“There’s a microwaveable heat pad that looks just like a frisbie, it’s called Snuggle Safe…………..the downside is, it cost Ј19.99 from 0800 0684033. But my rabbit has one on his Christmas list. I have no financial attachment to this product but found it through Google search engine and thought it a good idea, I will let you know if it’s appreciated.”
From Michael Rouse

“If you can’t find decent tarpaulin, we use an old jewson bag that we had shingle delivered in, it fits perfectly over the hutch and can be holsted up during the day!!”
From Jenny Jones

“I have 2 rabbits and they also have snuggle safe heat pads on their xmas lists. This would cost me around Ј50 but I have found one on ebay for Ј13. Thay share that for now until I can get another one. I also suggest scrunched up newspaper on firework nights and in the winter. They can hide in this if they are scared and it also keep them warm. I put bubble wrap all round the hutch in the winter.”
From Rhiannon Barber

“I have made a roof for my rabbit’s run this winter. I have used thickish black plastic to cover over the top of the run for extra insulation.”
From Stuart Stenning White