Vet Rat Respiratory Guide

Written by a vet and for vets, the Guide discusses various causes of the disease as well as suggests proven treatments.

Over the last ten years’ one of the most common questions we, as a high profile pet rat rescue, get asked about is the treatment of respiratory disease in rats. This Guide is a combination of our experience and our vet’s expertise.

To date there has been very little information available about respiratory disease, so we felt the need to share our vet’s knowledge in order to help reduce the amount of unnecessary deaths and suffering caused by this sadly very common illness.

You can download a free copy of the guide to print off and give to your vet to give them some other ideas in the treatment of respiratory guide.

You can download a PDF version of this report to either email or print off for your vet here

For a laymans version of this guide please visit Rat Respiratory Guide

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